Enquiries regarding an inspection fee

Before you contact us

If you believe that you have received an unwarranted inspection fee for parking, you have the opportunity to make a written appeal. We recommend that you read our frequently asked questions page before you submit an appeal. The page contains the answers to the questions we most often get asked and it may be that you find an answer to your enquiry there.

We take all enquiries about inspection fees seriously, and we strive to process cases as quickly and as thoroughly as possible without compromising on service.

How you can contact us

We only receive written correspondence with regards to documentation of case processing.

You must use our contact form, so that we have the necessary information to ensure good and proper case processing. You must fill this in with, among other things, your inspection number and vehicle number plate, as well as a description of the reason for your enquiry. You can also see the photos on the page that service personnel have taken on the case.

You can find our contact form regarding an inspection fee here.

After you have contacted us

After you have sent the contact form, you will receive an e-mail with a copy of your enquiry as a receipt that we have received your enquiry. Once we have received your enquiry and while it is being processed, your case will be suspended and you do not have to pay the inspection fee while the case is ongoing.

We will try to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. We must point out that we receive many enquiries every day, and they will be processed in the order they are received. There may therefore be a response time of up to 10 working days.


If you have questions about your inspection fee or other enquiries, please call us. We would like to point out that we not process cases by phone - this also applies to the cancellation and closure of your case.

Staffing hours:    Monday – Thursday: kl. 9.00–11.00
Telephone:          7642 9363